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About this site

I'm not a problem, I'm a person!

About this site: "This website is intended to be a starting point for disabled people in the UK, whether you have only just found out that you may need assistance or whether you have had an impairment for some time. It's for everyone who considers themself to be disabled in any way."

My name is Flash Bristow. I am a woman with mobility impairments, and I have a relative with learning difficulties. I work in the field of accessible web design and hope my experiences can help other people who experience disability, via this website.

The idea stems from a discussion at a Disabled Londoners focus group, when I realised that there was no one place to get information. For example, when you are awarded Disability Living Allowance nobody says "here are some other things you may qualify for". This site is to give you information about assistance, entitlements and schemes which enable disabled people. After all, if you don't know what help exists, you won't know to ask for it!

The links on the left will provide a short description of the available services in each category, along with links so you can apply directly or get more information.

Links to external websites will open in another window by default.

Of course I don't know everything that is on offer (particularly regional schemes outside London) so your comments are always welcome, feel free to get in touch with information or ideas and I will reply as soon as possible, and if relevant add them to this site.

The site depends on YOU to tell us about new websites and information so we can keep it up to date for everyone.

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